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We pride ourselves in making one of the most solid Electric Race Systems in the US that is built to last and affordable.  It is made out of steel and hard ABS plastic. 

Electronic Race SystemThis system is the best value for the features. It offers you a true electronic fire.  This allows you to race with a true start. The starting alignment of both cars can be adjusted so your shorter cars are not at a disadvantage.  The timer can time both dragsters to the 1000th of a second at the start gate.  Additionally, your systems Christmas Tree start can be adjusted for a true reflex pace (explained below) or make it so reflex is not an issue by starting both cars when the first trigger is fired.  When you compare systems...this one has excellent features at an affordable price. 

 What’s to expect: 
 Durable Metal Frame and ABS Plastic housing 
Dual Start allows you to start both cars with one firing handle so they start at the exact same time. 
Reflex start works with the Christmas Tree Lights. Here's how, each person has a firing handle, the lights move through red, yellow, green and when it hit's green you press the action button to launch your cars. The unit stalls the cars if the action button is pressed before it hit’s green, thus making the users reflexes come into play.
 Dual Lane Timers - The race systems timers measure down to a thousandths of a second for really close calls 😳. 
 The timers are on the start gate so you won’t have to run to the brake gate to see who wins. 
Fully adjustable, the start gate can quickly be adjusted up or down to fit any car height.


(Get to know your Race System and do simple Setup & Diagnoses.)

Setup and Trouble Shoot your Electric Race System for Co2 Dragsters.
  •   This video is the first step to take if you have any questions regarding you Race System.  
It's also Step 1 when it comes to trouble shooting any issues.  It's truly your best starting point even if you're not having any issues.  If you reach out to us with questions we will refer to this video and the steps and checks in it to help diagnose the problem.
  • Also see Video 2 for further help and guidance if needed..  



(Aligning Sensors on your Brake Gate)

If needed continue diagnoses and aligning the sensors on your Electric Race System for Co2 Dragsters.
  •   This is common maintaining and should be checked before your race in order to ensure you don't have any last minute delays at the starting line.
  • This video will walk you through common checks and will show you how to align the sensors on your race system.  The sensors can get out of alignment if your race system has been moved, stored, or bumped around at all.  Don't worry, it's normal.
  • What issues could I be seeing?...  Some common problems that occur when the sensors are out of alignment are:  The display isn't working at all, the display shows random numbers (such as 3.333), lane 1 works but lane 2 doesn't.  If you're having any inconsistency with your display it's most likely caused by the eye sensors and aligning them should fix this issue.
  • Also see Video 1 first if you haven't watched it yet, it help you get to know your system.  



Where do your products come from?

As of now 99% of our Products and Kits are built in the United States.  We strive for quality at an affordable price.  Our products are not the only value we provide with our price being a huge asset to teachers, distributors, and families just like you.  We only source merchandise from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices. 

Our branded products are manufactured in the United States with just a few components coming from China.

Will I have to pay sales tax?

Depends.  If your a school or business and you provide us with a sales tax exemption form then no, you won't legally have to pay sales tax.  On the other hand if your an individual or can't provide us with the tax exemption form then yes you will have to pay sales tax.

What do I do if I want to return or exchange my products?

It's easy really, we have a 30 day return policy.  In general we stand strong behind our products and our clients which is you.  So if you have issues and we can help, we do.  That being said the possibilities aren't endless, we all have our limits but so far we haven't met ours.  As long as you refund or exchange your products within 30 days we should be good, even if it's over 30 days, if you need help were there.  We even, just recently, exchanged a clients order that was over a year old.


How can I become a distributor?

The best thing to do is reach out to us via email at and we'll go over our criteria then.  Make sure you are a legal business with at least 6 figures in revenue.

Who do I contact if I'm having issues with a product?

The best thing to do if your having mechanical issues with a product is contact us at or  The is used more for mechanical equipment issues such as a Electric Race System and the email is for everything else.  You can also contact us at 800-469-8070 if you need to talk to us directly, we'll be glad to help.  All of our email and phone support is done in-house and you'll be talking to us directly with no automated recordings or employees that aren't under our roof.

Who do I contact if I need to place a new purchase order?

Just start a conversation with us at    You can also contact us at 800-469-8070 if you need to talk to someone right away.  If you can order online with a credit card that is also very quick and painless to do.  Just go to the "Shop" tab on our website to get started.