Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System
Electronic Race System

Electronic Race System

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Electronic Race System

This system is the best value for the features. It offers you a true electronic fire...not a slammer bar!  This allows you to race with a true start and not the "croquet" start like so many other systems. The starting alignment of both cars can be adjusted so your shorter cars are not at a disadvantage. You will love the winning lane indicator and the shown times of both dragsters to the 1000th of a second at the start gate.  You won’t have to be running down the to the brake gate to get results! Additionally, your systems Christmas Tree start can be adjusted for a true reflex pace (explained below) or make it so reflex is not an issue by starting both cars when the first trigger is fired. There is even a mechanism to "red light" your student’s car thus stopping it from firing only when the starting trigger is pushed before the green light comes on.

When you compare systems...this one has excellent features at an affordable price.

What's to expect:

  • Durable Metal Frame and ABS Plastic housing
  • Dual Start allows you to start both cars with one firing handle so they start at the exact same time.
  • Reflex start works with the Christmas Tree Lights.  Here's how, each person has has a firing handle, the lights move through red, yellow, green and when it hit's green you press the action button to launch your cars.  The unit stalls the cars if the action button is pressed before it hit's green, thus making the users reflexes come into play.  It's a fun way to race but if you want the cars to speak for themselves you'll want to use the dual start mode.
  • Dual Lane Timers - The race systems timers measure down to a thousandths of a second for really close calls 😳.  The timers are on the start gate so you won't have to run to the brake gate to see who wins.
  • Fully Adjustable.  The start gate can quickly be adjusted up or down to fit any car height 
  • Comes with Firing Handles, Race Line (Fishing Line), Connection Cable to connect to the brake gate.
  • You'll need electric access near by and a extension cord to plug the unit in.
  •  Expect to have some light assembly.  The Christmas tree lights are under the metal A-frame at the back of the unit.  You'll pull it out and attach it using the Allen screws and nuts provided in the bag.
  • Due to it having a transformer you may hear a light buzz sound.  This will be similar to shop lights and other items that have a transformer, you'll notice the warmer the unit is as it warms up it may get slightly louder.  This is not an issue and is another to be concerned with.

Whats Included:

  • Electric Start Gate
  • Brake Gate
  • Christmas Tree Start Lights
  • Firing Handles
  • Connection Cables
  • Race Line
  • Instruction Guide

*Elevated Race Track shown above is sold separately.



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