Mousetrap Vehicle Kit
Mousetrap Vehicle Kit
Mousetrap Vehicle Kit
Mousetrap Vehicle Kit
Mousetrap Vehicle Kit
Mousetrap Vehicle Kit
Mousetrap Vehicle Kit
Mousetrap Vehicle Kit
Mousetrap Vehicle Kit
Mousetrap Vehicle Kit

Mousetrap Vehicle Kit

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Our Mouse Trap Kit is ideal for inquisitive minds! This STEM Kit can challenge young scientists to build a mousetrap-powered vehicle, encouraging creative problem solving and building skills. This kit is perfect for teaching basic principles of science, technology, and motion. Race your car and have fun learning!

This kit includes all you need to build a dependable mousetrap powered vehicle. You’ll satisfy every teacher’s assignment with this kit! by far, the best deal out there, compare on Amazon @ up to $30 each!

  • Our mousetrap vehicle kit provides a hands-on activity to design, build, and modify a model car that demonstrates the scientific concepts of velocity, force, motion, and Newton's laws of physics.
  • Includes parts required to build a mousetrap propelled vehicle for teaching engineering design.
  • Teaches students the design process and encourages them to experiment and modify the vehicle for greater speed or distance.
  • Reinforces technology, engineering, and math concepts as students modify cars based on factors that impact performance.
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