Activity Based Supplies (ABS) began with the idea that teachers deserved a place to purchase lower cost science and technology consumable products. Unlike some of the competition that require greater margins on products in order to support bigger overhead for expanded product initiatives, complete educational systems, and curriculum driven programs. ABS is able to supply quality consumable products to educators at a great value.

Since inception more than 15 years ago, ABS has been dedicated to this mission of giving students and teachers more for less. While it is alright to look to the others for educational systems and curriculum that require larger margins due to greater investments, an educator should not be forced to pay for their consumables at those same high margins.  Since 1995, Activity Based Supplies has supplied educators quality hands-on science and technology consumable products at low cost prices. This is a result of keeping our overhead low and our margins reasonable. We understand it is difficult for teachers to meet the needs of students in an environment of shrinking school budgets, which is why our family business is devoted in supplying quality products at a fair value.

Please look around our website at the great products we offer and don’t forget to sign up on our email list for ongoing specials! We will continue to utilize this site and email correspondence versus costly catalog and mailing campaigns, in order to keep overhead as low as possible. As always these savings are passed on to you, our valuable customer. So don’t forget to bookmark this site for your future needs.

     In July 2017 Activity Based Supplies was sold...  Don't worry it didn't go too far.  It was sold and passed down through family and still remains family owned from the same family.  The transition couldn't be smoother with Dean and Judy (past owners) still around helping us get started and helping to make sure our service is excellent.
   I (Ryan Meister) am 33 years old and am grateful to be serving such great customers.  I will be hasty looking for better opportunities to serve and provide our customers (you) with more value then ever.  You may notice some changes in the near future as we try to update the business to today's standards and today's technology driven society.  I hope if at anytime you the customer need anything or are unsatisfied with any of the changes you will reach out to me so we can have conversation and get the issues fixed.  Were no pro's, we make mistakes and were sure to make plenty, so just be honest and let us know, we'll get them fixed.  On the other hand, don't be afraid to tell us where were doing good so we can do more of it.  
  To introduce myself I thought I'd share a few photo's, take a look, I think you'll enjoy them.


The picture below is a picture of us as were about to enter Pensacola, FL.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures that clearly shows our fun family, it accurately tells a story all by itself and allows you to get to know us pretty quickly lol.  I knew you'd get a good kick out of this picture.

This picture is from another vacation in Florida, we went to Universal Studios this time.  It was a blast and we can't wait to go back!

Another special memory!  Our first travel date.  We wen't to Branson, MO to do a little shopping and go-carting, I smoked her by the way 😉.