Making an impact

Impacting children's lives in the right ways isn't always easy.  Our products provide you the tools to do just that while building character, family values, teamwork, patience, confidence & ingenuity for starters.
These fun projects teach creativty, wood working skills, craft skills, and so much more.
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Note Worthy

Co2 Dragster Kits

This has been a most popular product for decades and still going strong.  Teachers love it because it teaches creativity, g-forces, engineering, geometry, and more.  Everything a student does to change his car also changes the outcome of how it races. 

Model Rocket Collection

This collection has everything you'll need for model rockets including rockets, engines, wadding, igniters, launchers and more.

  We have several rockets and multiple different skill levels.  This collection should blast you into creativity.  These are rocket kits that you or students build and the decorate before launching to new universes.

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