It's Christmas time and the season of giving.  Out with the family shopping at HobbyTown USA in Springfield Missouri, a family owned and ran business where you could tell everyone working were probably related in one way or another, it showed in the great costumer service that was provided.  They had everything you could imagine, from RC cars to drones, from trains to rockets, from problem solving kits to pine wood derby cars, they had so much.  Included in the vast awesome products they carried were several of our products made by our family owned business Activity Based Supplies.  Among these was our Balloon Speeder, Air Boat Racer, and our Mouse Trap Vehicle.   Hobby Co. has our Mouse Trap VehicleHands on science activitiesHands on science activities

As you can imagine when your looking through a store you love and stumble across your products the feeling it brings is un-describable, joy, fulfillment, achievement, but most of all a feeling of serving and sharing.  To think that I provide a service for others is the best reward a person could get.  I personally am on a mission to see how many people I can serve and how many kids I can provide Science based activities and Co2 Dragsters for at a reasonable price.  These days educators don't have the best resources and most educational providers charge an arm and a leg for these products which is why were so adamant about doing the opposite.  For example we have a product that sells for $4.50, I won't say what I'm referring to as this goes for all of our products, other manufacturers sell this product for $30.00 each, thats more than 6 times what we charge.  As you can see we try hard to achieve the best price, we don't spend a ton of money on photo shoots, or on amazing packaging, or lots of employees, we keep it simple and put our time and money into the product and our customer service, the other stuff I feel is just for show.  I could tell HobbyTown was the same way, providing value for customers, so if you can't find what your looking for on our website you might try theirs or visit the family owned store as we did.  If your like me and love to provide service for others, or even if you don't, it's the holidays, we should all provide all the value we can for others.  Doing this is the best gift you could give yourself.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all.

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