We all know school is right around the corner and while everyone is out shopping for clothes and supplies others are shopping for the schools yearly activity supplies.  Among these activities are Co2 Derby Cars, Model Rockets, Delta Darts, Bridge Building Kits and more.  The Schools and distributors are buying these products, supporting our children’s learning and development in a hands on way (literally).  I love this because in the age of iPhone’s, iPad’s and everything else electronic, these activities get our kids working with their hands and minds in real world ways, learning real world problem solving.  We at Activity Base Supplies are the biggest supporters of these activities as you can see from our low prices and low margins in our efforts to get more kids into more (hands on) activities.  Anyone who wants to help in this effort can talk to their kids teachers, chief academic officers/curriculum directors, and principals to find out how to get more of these activities in our children’s hands.  You can also order through us directly through our website www.absupplies.com where we will put your money back to work in future products to keep growing the hands on activities our children should have access too.  Our future could use more engineers and all around knowledgeable people and our future starts here, now, and with our children.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, thanks for your time.


Ryan Meister

Owner of

Activity Base Supplies